AquaNature, an organization that works for and is concerned on water.

AquaNature is an LLC created in the USA in 2016. AquaNature works on integrated water resource management and water sources conservation, creating stable, transparent and long-term financial schemes. In practice, these financial structures are known in very different ways: Water Funds, Conservation Agreements, Payment for environmental services. These mechanisms seek the involvement of different actors to work together and solve a common water problem.

AquaNature supports proactively local processes to identify, consolidate, and launch the best scheme for every particular basin.

The focus of our support is based on technical-institutional, financial and socio-environmental sustainability as the strategic columns of the intervention.

AquaNature supports in an ethical and responsible manner the creation of local Water Funds and provides consulting assistance to on-going initiatives using and applying proven tools for its implementation and sustainability.

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How do we do our work?

AquaNature proposes an intervention process for those initiatives creating or strengthening financial mechanisms for water sources protection, focusing always on sustainability.

Our process includes:

  • Capacity strengthening (Virtual courses, virtual workshops, exchange of experiences, internships)
  • Consulting and technical assistance.
  • Feasibility Studies. (Raid diagnosis, action plans)
  • Applied research. (Case studies, systematizations)
  • Application of tools and basic elements for each phase—negotiation, consolidation and implementation—for a water fund.
  • Monitoring and evaluation, and impact results.

What do we offer?

AquaNature offers services in the following areas:

  • consulting

    Consulting and technical assistance

    Provide technical assistance and accompanying for Water Funds creation and establishment, as well as other nature investments schemes. All our technical assistance includes a close working relation with local actors, from the negotiation phase to the development of strategies and actions to consolidate financial tools for integrated water resource management.

  • strengthening

    Capacity strengthening

    Design and implement capacity strengthening programs including virtual courses, face-to-face workshops, internships and international exchanges between different experiences dedicated to water source conservation. Develop the best strategy that suits specific watershed situation and reality, and strengthen peoples and institutions capacities for Integrated Water Resource Management.

  • Investigation

    Applied research and study cases

    Promote knowledge generation through analysis, diagnostics and study cases to promote Integrated Water Resource Management from water source protection to water use. We focus in long-term sustainable financial tools.
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Who we are?

A top notch Latin American multidisciplinary professional staff, with more than 20 years of experience, in consulting and technical assistance on the creation and consolidation of financial mechanisms for the sustainable us of water from its sources. AquaNature’s lead team experience has provided support to Water Funds in different countries such as: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, México, and Dominican Republic. AquaNature has developed training processes in Latin America, on topics such as: Water Funds, Integrated Water Resource Management, Green Infrastructure, and others. Additionally it has contributed to develop local, regional and global studies and analysis related with Water Management and Sustainable Financial Mechanisms.

Contact us

Avenida de Los Shyris 760 y República de El Salvador
Oficina 601, Quito - Ecuador

E: info@aqua-nature.com
T: +593 97095944